Panfilov’s 28 Movie (2016) Download in Hindi & English Filmyzilla

Panfilov’s 28 Movie (2016) Download in Hindi & English Filmyzilla

Panfilov’s 28 Movie Information

Movie Information
IMDb Rating: 6.8/10
Genres: Action, Drama, History
Language: Hindi + English
Quality: 720p / 480p
Size: See below ▼
Director: Kim Druzhinin, Andrey Shalopa
Writers: Andrey Shalopa
Stars: Maksim Abrosimov, Sergey Agafonov, Pavel Aseev

Panfilv's 28 Men is a 2016 WWII film based on the legend of a group of soldiers - Panfilv's Twenty-Eight Guardsman - who heroically stopped and destroyed German tanks heading for Moscow. It was stationed on the Eastern Front during World War II and covered the operations of the 8th Guards Rifle Division during the 1941 Moscow War.

Panfilov’s 28 Movie Trailer

Panfilov’s 28 Movie Short Story

USSR, late November 1941. This is the story of Panifilov's 28-8 years, based on a report by reporter Vasily Koroti, published in the Red Army magazine Krasnaya Zvezda, shortly after the Moscow war. 316th Rifle Division of the Red Army,

Led by General Ivan Panfilov, it halted a column of 54 German tanks in Moscow and halted the advance of several hundred infantrymen who had guarded the tank flanges of the 11th Panzer Division for several days. Although the only standard issue is equipped with Mosin-Nagant infantry rifles and DP and PM-M 1910 machine guns,

With all RPG-40 anti-tank grenades and PTRD-41 anti-tank rifles against the useless, and the tanks, they fought tirelessly and incredibly with extraordinary courage and unwavering dedication to defend Moscow and their homeland.

Panfilov’s 28 Movie Cast

  • Maksim Abrosimov
  • Sergey Agafonov
  • Pavel Aseev