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Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo (2010) Bangla Movie Hd Story, Cast & Review

Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo Bangla Full Movie Information

IMDB Rating :  5.2/10
Movie Genre : Romance & Drama
Movie Runtime 2h 40m
Movie Director : Sujit Mondal
Release Date : December 24, 2010
Release Country : India
Movie Language : Bangla
Movie Starring : Dev, Srabanti Chatterjee, Tapas Paul, Premjit, Kaushik Banerjee, Mousumi Saha & Laboni Sarkar.

Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo is a 2010 Indian heartfelt Bengali movie coordinated by Sujit Mondal. It's a Shree Venkatesh Films creation. The film stars Dev and Srabanti Chatterjee in lead jobs while Tapas Paul, Premjit, Kaushik Banerjee, Laboni Sarkar,

Shakuntala Barua and a lot more in supporting job. The film is change of 2008 Telugu film Parugu. Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo was a Blockbuster at the Box-office. Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo brought the two stars of Bengali film Dev and Srabanti Chatterjee for the second time later Dujone.

Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo Bangla Movie Short Story

Nandini's senior sister steals away with her beau upon the arrival of her marriage. Neelkantha Roy, her dad, an exceptionally severe and harsh man, chooses to track down them at any expense He figures out how to find four of Ajoy's companions from better places and brings them over to his place, out of which one of them is Abeer.

He holds them hostage till they tell about the couple's whereabouts. They let him know that they know nothing, yet nobody trusts them. They choose to escape one day, however Abeer becomes hopelessly enamored with a young lady however he can't see her face. They are again held hostage.

Nandini discovers that she is the young lady whom Abeer had advised her to find, yet she doesn't illuminate him. Abeer and his companions go with Neelkantha's men to town one day to Kavita and Ajoy, where Abeer assists them with boarding a transport to Kolkata.

Nandini's uncle incidentally discovers that Abeer had assisted them with escaping when he coincidentally catches Nandini's discussion. The whole gathering is beaten severely.

Abeer and his companions, just as Nandini, goes with her dad to Kolkata to track down the couple Abeer even saves Nandini from hooligans one day, and the whole gathering even remain in Abeer's home. Then, at that point, on that evening, Nandini admits her adoration for Abir, and they embrace one another.

They can find two or three one day, yet when Kavita answers back to her dad, he chooses to release them and remain in harmony. The gathering return home from Kolkata, and Nandini's marriage is fixed. Abeer and his companions show up upon the arrival of her marriage, and Neelkantha finds out with regards to their relationship.

However Abeer's companions design and bring Nandini away so she can abscond, Abeer rules against it and chooses to leave. He is halted without a second to spare by Neelkantha, who advises him to remove Nandini, who likewise shows up there. Then, at that point, Nandini and Abir embrace. This is a redo of the Telugu film Parugu featuring Allu Arjun.

Sedin Dekha Hoyechilo Bangla Movie Cast

  • Dev plays Abir
  • Srabanti Chatterjee plays Nandini
  • Tapas Paul plays Neelkanta Roy
  • Prasun Gain plays Abir's friend
  • Pradip Dhar plays Abir's friend
  • Kaushik Banerjee plays Neelkanta's Brother
  • Laboni Sarkar plays Abir's Mother
  • Mousumi Saha plays Neelkanta's Wife
  • Premjit Mukherjee plays Bikash Roy.
  • Shakuntala Barua plays Nandini's Grandmother

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