Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 (2012) Full Movie HD 1080p

Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 (2012) Full Movie HD 1080p

Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 Full Movie Information

IMDB Rating :  4.8/10
Movie Genre : Crime & Thriller
Movie Runtime 2h 35m
Movie Director : Navneet Baj Saini
Release Date : 31 Dec 2021
Release Country : India
Movie Language : Hindi
Movie Cast Stars: Irrfan Khan, Lucky Ali, Ranvir Shorey

Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 Movie Short Story

Everything about Murder At Teesri Manzil 302, a since quite a while ago deferred Irrfan Khan starrer that Zee5 has tracked down space for, has out of date quality decorated all over it. Yet, for the lead entertainer, whose admirers are army and who will forever be missed,

the film has minimal that could clarify why it has been recovered from cold stockpiling - it was booked for discharge all of 10 years prior as Bangkok Blues - and foisted upon us. Murder at Teesri Manzil 302 is dead on appearance.

Irrfan's essence in the film, other than prompting an inescapable twinge, reminds us, assuming an update were at all required, of the hugeness of the misfortune that his nonattendance addresses. Indeed, even in the sloppiest of scenes in an immature and untidy tension thrill ride,

the entertainer doesn't lose his balance and tracks down ways of pulling away from the unremarkableness twirling around him. The film is committed to both Irrfan and music writer Wajid Khan, one portion of the Sajid-Wajid pair who passed on in 2020 two months after the much-cherished entertainer. Tragically,

Murder at Teesri Manzil 302 is too dull a film to be viewed as a fitting recognition. Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 is, as the clumsy title proposes, a homicide secret. It rapidly kills any capability of forming into a tolerably captivating whodunnit.

Murder At Teesri Manzil 302 Movie Cast

  • Lucky Ali
  • Irrfan Khan as Mr. Chand
  • Nausheen Ali Sardar
  • Deepal Shaw
  • Ranvir Shorey

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