Love Express (2016) Bangla Full Movie HD 1080p Story & Review

Love Express (2016) Bangla Full Movie HD 1080p Story & Review

Love Express Bangla Full Movie Information

IMDB Rating :  5.3/10
Movie Genre : Romance
Movie Runtime 2h 35m
Movie Director : Rajiv Kumar Biswas
Release Date : September 9, 2016
Release Country : India
Movie Language : Bangla
Movie Cast Stars: Dev & Nusrat Jahan.

Love Express is a 2016 Bengali heartfelt show movie coordinated by Rajiv Kumar Biswas. The soundtrack of the film is created by Jeet Gannguli. The film stars Dev and Nusrat Jahan in lead jobs. The film is a change of the 2013 Telugu film Love Express.

Love Express Bangla Movie Short Story

The film focusses on a family living in Kolkata whose head is Ram Shibo Prasad (Victor Banerjee), a retired head master. He is a disciplined person and always tries to make his relatives behave in the same way. To avoid bad remarks from the society about his family, he sets up a family constitution of discipline. 

His mania for discipline is such big that if any one of his family members commit 100 Mistakes, that person would be banished from the family and that mistake can be anything which Shibo Prasad hates which includes laughing out loudly. Thus all of the family members maintain a disciplinary life to avoid being banished from the house.Love Express 2016

In detail, the family consists of Shibo Prasad’s wife Aparna, an Asthma patient; his daughter Kavita, his son in law Vikas and their kids. Apart from them are Shibo Prasad’s two sons Ananada (Saheb Chatterjee) and Raktim Prasad (Dev). Since Shibo Prasad’s brother Ram Prasad (Shankar Chakraborty) was alleged to be committed 100 Mistakes though he didn’t, he is sent away from home.

 While all of the family members commit mistakes less than 20, Raktim commits 99 Mistakes and one more, he is out of the family. So to avoid that Raktim starts leading a careful life. Ananda’s marriage is scheduled at New Jalpaiguri and the whole family boards Paharia Express at Howrah. 

Raktim’s mother forgot the Sindor at the house and Raktim goes away to bring it back. Moreover, to his convenience, Raktim is in S4 while others are in S3. So Raktim goes outside the station and waits for an Taxi, But none accepts to go to his area. 

Meanwhile, a miser techie Neelasha (Nusrat Jahan) reaches Howrah railway station to board the Paharia Express and the taxi driver goes to bring the change in order to pay her off the balance amount after receiving the fare. Raktim gets into the vehicle and goes to his home. 

He breaks the house’s lock with a stone as he has no keys to open it. He takes the Sindoor and goes back to Howrah Railway Station. Neelasha catches yet another Taxi and reaches to the station. There she pays off the fares of both the vehicles and goes to board the train.

Love Express Bangla Movie Cast

  • Dev as Raktim Prasad Ganguly/Laal
  • Nusrat Jahan as Nilasha/Neel
  • Shankar Chakraborty as Ram Prasad Ganguly, Shibo Prasad's brother
  • Victor Banerjee as Shibo Prasad Ganguly
  • Saheb Chatterjee as Anando Prasad Ganguly, Laal's big brother
  • Kharaj Mukherjee as Pupu
  • Rudranil Ghosh as Drunk Driver Kesto
  • Kanchan Mullick as Dulal
  • Supriyo Dutta as Dhananjay Babu, Bride's father
  • Kaushik Banerjee as Prasanta Sen, Police Officer
  • Tulika Basu as Aparna, Raktim's mother
  • Rohit Mukherjee as Bikash
  • Saptarshi Basu as Vokai

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